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Leadership Toolkit

Phone Trees Auto & Manual

Automatic Phone Tree Instructions


Auto Phone Tree Template (xls)



Family Readiness Commander of the Year Form (docx)


Family Readiness Family of the Year Form (docx)


Family Readiness Group of the Year Form (docx)


Family Readiness Military Liaison Form (docx)


Family Readiness Volunteer of the Year Form (docx)


Family Readiness
Annual Report

TY18 Family Readiness Annual Reports, Awards and Phone Trees, Key Spouses and Key volunteer awards.


Family Readiness Annual Report Template (xls)


Family Readiness Brief

TY18 Annual Family Brief Trifold


Annual Family Readiness Brief


Forms and Misc Information

Customer Rights and Responsibilities


FRG Time and Talent Sheet Example (doc)


Volunteer Agreement DD FORM 2793


FRG Bank Account

SS-4 Application for Employer Identification Number


SS-4 Form Instructions


Regulations & Guidance

Rucksack Essentials for Service and Family Members


Chief National Guard Bureau Instruction
National Guard Family Program


Army Regulation 600-20 Rapid Action Revision (RAR)


ONG FRG Quick Desk Reference


Samples & Templates

Additional Duty Appointment Memo


FRGL Appointment Memo Sample (docx.)


Volunteer Hours

Reporting Volunteer Hours


Volunteer Hours Submission Form


Directions to enter Volunteer service hours in JSS



Contact your Brigade Family Readiness Support Assistant to schedule your FRG training.