Ohio National Guard Scholarship Program (ONGSP)

Benefits for

Members with 6-year enlistment

Members with prior service
and 3-year enlistment

Members without prior service
but with 3- year enlistment

Former Members of ONG

Educational Unit Chart



Forms & Application Information

Go to ONGSP.org
to register/apply

For instructions on how to apply, please call Afrika Alsup at
614-336-7143 or Toll Free at
1-888-400-6484 or email at afrika.k.alsup.nfg@mail.mil


ONGSP facts

Deadlines for receipt of applications
for academic terms are as follows

Feb 1: Spring Deadline
Apr. 1: Summer Deadline
July 1: Fall Deadline
Nov. 1: Winter Qtr/Spring Sem.

All applications must be complete, including all necessary forms and documents, and be received by the scholarship office by the deadline in order for the application to be considered.

Late applications will not be accepted through the ONGSP office.

Scholarsip Forms

AGOH 621-1 Statement of Understanding
AGOH 621-2
Iinitial application
AGOH 621-3 Application for transfer, reactiviation or withdrawal/ removal of student

Administrative procedures for the Ohio National Guard Scholarship Program
Includes list of eligible institutions beginning on page 15.

Online Application Instructions | Click here to sign up for the upcoming academic term at ongsp.org

LATE APPLICATIONS for Members in the Army Guard
Send your late application request along with an explanation as
to why your application is late to your Battalion Administrative Officer


Members in the Air Guard

Contact your Retention Office
Manager with requests for approval
of late applications.