OHIOCARES is a collaboration of state and local agencies supporting the behavioral health of returning OIF/OEF veterans and their families.  Although the VA is the primary source of services for veterans, this partnership identifies community based resources also available to veterans and their families.


OHIOCARES purpose is to enhance the “safety net” community of behavioral health services available for military personnel and their families and to compliment the services available through the Department of Veterans Affairs and Vet Centers by linkages with county alcohol, drug and mental health boards and behavioral health care provides.


OHIOCARES collaborative agencies include:

- Ohio Department of Alcohol and Drug Addictive Services

- The Ohio Council of Behavioral Healthcare Providers

- Ohio Association of County Behavioral Health Authorities

- City of Columbus Veterans Affairs   

- Mental Health and Recovery Board of Union County

- Ohio Department of Mental Health

- Governor's Office of Veterans' Affairs

- Department of Veteran Affairs