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01.01.2017: Medal of Honor history: Member of Ohio National Guard predecessor was first recipient

01.01.2017: Army implements new physical fitness standards for recruits, reclassifying Soldiers

01.11.2017: Soldiers of 1st Battalion, 148th Infantry Regiment honored during call to duty ceremony

01.16.2017: Soldiers of 204th Engineer Detachment heading home after successful deployment

01.28.2017: Soldiers of 204th Engineer Detachment honored during welcome home ceremony

01.30.2017: Ohio National Guard Scholarship Program makes college an affordable pursuit for Guard members

02.01.2017: In their own words: Integration of the 372nd Infantry

02.05.2017: In their own words: Medal of Honor recipient 2nd Lt. Robert M. Viale

02.10.2017: Ohio National Guard’s newest general officer holds unique status

02.15.2017: Ohio Army National Guard engineers ready for all challenges
02.15.2017: Ohio Army National Guard engineers work to improve Camp Ravenna

02.16.2017: In the right place, at the right time: Guard member helps reunite missing child with family

02.17.2017: Newest generation of Army Black Hawk utility helicopters to by flown by Ohio National Guard pilots

02.17.2017: The Ohio National Guard’s ties to Presidents Day

02.19.2017: 179th Airlift Wing goes to Africa to participate in Exercise Flintlock

02.27.2017: Top 8 things to know about the new Blended Retirement System

03.01.2017: Always Ready: Maintaining Equipment Plays Critical Role

03.01.2017: 180th Fighter Wing to Test Response Capability

03.07.2017: Always Ready: Combined Support Maintenance Shop

03.16.2017: Focus on Families: Military service runs in Family; roots in both Army, Air National Guard

03.20.2017: Ohio National Guard military child wins national award

03.21.2017: FRG supports Families back home when Soldiers are away

03.24.2017: Ohio National Guard Employment Enhancement Program connects Employers and Members