Ohio National Guard Scholarship Program (ONGSP)


Frequently Asked Questions

How many Educational Units am I entitled to, and how do they correspond to Credit Hours?

  • Ohio National Guard Members with an enlistment of six-or-more years can receive a lifetime maximum of 96 Educational Units (12 full-time quarters or 8 full-time semesters).

  • Active duty Prior-Service Members with an enlistment of three-or-more years, but less than six-years, with the Ohio National Guard can receive a maximum of 48 units (6 full-time quarters or 4 full-time semesters).

  • Non-Prior Service Ohio National Guard Members in an active 3-year enlistment (Includes Active Guard/Reserve) can receive a maximum of 48 Educational Units (6 full-time quarters or 4 full-time semesters).

  • See Educational Units page for conversion of EUs to Credit Hours

When can I start applying for my Ohio National Guard Scholarship?

  • Non-Prior Service Members may apply for their ONGSP right after enlisting if there is a 90-day or more window from their enlistment date and their basic training date; or 90-day or more window between their basic training completion date and MOS/AFSC start date; or anytime, after completing Basic Training-MOS/AFSC, during their six-year enlistment. The Initial Application should be completed and received by the ONGSP Office before the applicant attends Basic Training/AIT.

  • Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP) Members may apply after completing MSI and MSII and/or ROTC Basic Camp.

  • ONG Prior Service Members may sign up anytime within their six-year enlistment or subsequent extensions or enlistments.

  • Prior Service Members from other components of the armed forces may apply for the first available term after signing up for a six-year enlistment. Active duty Prior-Service members who have at least three years of active duty prior to enlisting into the ONG and enlist for three-years with the ONG are eligible for ONGSP after waiving their right to accumulate 96 eligibility units. These members will only be eligible for partial ONGSP (48 units) in exchange for their reduced three-year enlistment.

Can I continue my Scholarship Benefit if I am discharged before I use all of my Educational Units?

Former ONG Members who have completed their Ohio National Guard enlistment obligation with an honorable discharge may continue their Scholarship Program benefit for the time they were unable to attend school due to deployment.

Ohio National Guard Members who missed, or could have missed, an academic term(s) as a result of their call into Active Duty may be eligible to continue their scholarship benefit under the Latta amendment. You must submit the appropriate forms to determine how many units and terms (if any) are available to you.

Can I use the ONGSP for continuing education courses?

The Ohio National Guard Scholarship Program is for undergraduate degree programs only. ONG members who already possess a Bachelor’s degree are not eligible for the Scholarship Program. However, possession of prior credits or even an associate’s degree does not affect eligibility. ONG Participants must enroll in a bachelor’s or associate’s degree-granting program at a participating school in Ohio. (Nursing Diploma Programs may qualify – contact the Scholarship Office for verification).

Are Active Guard/Reserve Members eligible for the Scholarship Program?

AGR Members who fall into the categories may be eligible to apply for the ONGSP:

  • AGRs currently serving in a six-year enlistment with the Ohio National Guard.

  • AGRs who have completed their six-year enlistment with the Ohio National Guard and who are currently an active member in an extension of that enlistment.

  • AGRs who reelisted after completing thier initial six-year enlistment with the Ohio National Guard so that the enlistment obligation extends beyond the end of the term for which the application was made.

Do I need to apply for a scholarship each term?

Yes, Participants MUST apply for each term he/she intends to attend by the appropriate deadline. Members will apply on-line through their ONGSP Account at ONGSP.org.

I don't see the Term that I want to apply for on the web site.

Applications are accepted for the upcoming term only. If you want to apply for a future term, you must wait until the previous term's deadline has passed. See Application Deadline page for exact dates.

Can I apply for a scholarship to two schools during the same term?

Yes. ONGSP participants can receive tuition assistance while attending two schools during the same term. However, if each school bills separately the participant must be enrolled for a minimum of three credit hours at each school. If one school has a consortium with another school so that all expenses will be billed through one school the combined total must be at least three credit hours.

Is Tuition Assistance available for Part-Time participants?

Yes. Part-time students are eligible, as long as they maintain a minimum of three credit hours per academic term. NOTE: The maximum of 96 lifetime Educational Units is based on full-time status. See Educational Unit Conversion Chart to understand how attending part-time will effect your available units.

Can I submit an application for a term in which the deadline has passed?

If extenuating circumstances cause you to miss an Application Deadline, you will need to follow your chain of command with a written explanation substantiating late submission to request acceptance. Applications received after the deadlines are approved on a case by case basis.

Help for CAC problems
To be used when the Soldier/ Airmen does not have a CAC, when the applicant has ETS'd or when applying for a late waiver

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Statement of Understanding

If you are no longer a member of the Ohio National Guard and are applying for scholarship benefits, , please complete the hard copy ONGSP application (621-3) and upload it on the Safe Access File Exchange available at: https://safe.amrdec.army.mil/safe/.

Please contact the ONGSP office Toll Free at 1-888-400-6484 or ng.oh.oharng.mbx.ong-scholarship@mail.mil if you experience any difficulties with the new application process.