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Policy Statement for Executive Order 2008-04S

Executive Order 2008-04S Implementing Common Sense Business Regulation, paragraph 5(F) provides as follows:

Agencies should when appropriate waive penalties for first-time or isolated paperwork or procedural regulatory non-compliance. Each cabinet agency, board and commission shall prepare and publish on its website, a policy describing the circumstances in which such waivers shall be granted.

Currently the Adjutant General's Department does not perform any regulatory functions and, therefore, imposes no penalties. The Adjutant General's Department also has no plans at this time to initiate any regulatory functions or impose associated penalties. Should mission requirements justify future development of such regulatory policies, the Department retains the discretion to implement such new policies consistent with Executive Order 2008-04S.

Date   Policy

06-21-2010 State of Ohio State of Ohio Barbara Warner Workplace Domestic Violence Policy

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