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Ohio National Guard Employment Enhancement Program connects employers and members

By 1st Lt. Jordyn Sadowski, Ohio National Guard Public Affairs

First Sgt. Ashley Britton speaks to a group of civilian employers during a 2015 Ohio National Guard joint employer event at the 179th Airlift Wing in Mansfield, Ohio. (2nd Lt. Paul Stennett, ONG)

Civilian employers of Ohio National Guard members exit a CH-47 Chinook helicopter during a 2016 Ohio National Guard joint employer event at Camp Perry Joint Training Center near Port Clinton, Ohio. (Tech. Sgt. Joe Harwood, ONG)

Civilian employers of Ohio National Guard members learn about various weapons systems during a 2016 Ohio National Guard joint employer event at the Woodlawn Community Center in Cincinnati. (Staff Sgt. Kimberly S. Hill, ONG)

COLUMBUS, Ohio (03/24/17) —Sweaty palms, a jittery foot and a dozen possible answers swirling around in your head to the inevitable impending questions, you, as a Guard member, will be asked in a civilian job interview. Explain how your military skills can bring value to our organization? How does the National Guard work? How have your military experiences prepared you for a job in corporate America?

These questions can seem daunting to answer for Guard members who may struggle translating their military job into relatable civilian terminology. This is where the National Guard Employment Enhancement Program (NGEEP) can help organize the dozen swirling thoughts and calm the jittery foot to prepare Airmen and Soldiers for success.

NGEEP shapes employment opportunities for Ohio National Guard members, veterans and their Family members while also educating and engaging employers and communities on the talent, values and abilities of Ohio’s service members.

“It’s not just about finding someone a job, it’s about determining their needs,” said Joe Gabriel, lead employment coordinator for the Ohio NGEEP. “Some members may not understand what careers are available or in demand and many need help highlighting their skills and the experiences they already have to expand their network and connection.”

Assisting Guard members and their Families throughout the entire job application process is one of two priorities of NGEEP. Employment support specialists provide guidance on resume building, interviewing tactics and how to find great job opportunities.

The second priority of NGEEP is engaging and educating employers on the ONG by building long-lasting partnerships. Joint employer events, employer advisory councils, educational seminars and forums are some of the ways NGEEP brings together employers throughout the state. These events not only educate employers on creating veteran outreach programs, building a supportive military culture and understanding their military employees but also provide them direct insight into the mission and values of the ONG.

“Loyalty, respect, selfless service, integrity, diversity and teamwork all resonate with corporate America,” Gabriel said. “Employers want quality employees that demonstrate the values the ONG promotes and employees look for those same qualities in employers as well.”

NGEEP looks to collaborate with employers who understand and support the role of today’s Citizen-Soldier. Ensuring the financial security, job safety and emotional well-being of Airmen and Soldiers is key to maintaining a part-time, cost-effective force, which wouldn’t be possible without supportive employers.

“Many Airmen and Soldiers have deployed several times over the years as the Ohio National Guard has merged into an operational force; employer support is crucial for them to accomplish the mission,” said Maj. Gen. Mark E. Bartman, Ohio adjutant general. “It is not only a testament to our Guard members but a testament to their Families and their employers that we are able to continue to support our country and serve.”

Those Guard members, veterans and Family members in need of employment assistance or looking for more information on the services that NGEEP provides can connect with program representatives on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/groups/8572440, through email at ng.oh.oharng.mbx.ngeep@mail.mil or by phone at 614-336-4554.


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