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Strong teams begin with ‘engaged, accountable leadership’

By Col. Daniel Shank, Assistant Adjutant General for Army

Col. Shank in field talking with Soldiers during training.

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During his first few months as Ohio’s assistant adjutant general for Army, Col. Daniel Shank has observed and talked with many members of the Ohio Army National Guard during training and real-world missions. He said he is impressed with the level of engagement, dedication and professionalism of Soldiers who are working to ensure mission success, which is critical to building and maintaining a strong team.

As your newly installed commander of the Ohio Army National Guard, I have taken these first six months of my time to move around the organization and watch and listen to our Soldiers. It is truly amazing to see the dedication and professionalism that permeates throughout all echelons of the force. I am so very humbled to be chosen to lead you. My promise to you is that I will listen, I will give you 100% of my effort, and I will lead from the front. All I ask in return is that you do the same.

The focal point of my leader philosophy is, “Building Strong Teams through Engaged, Accountable Leadership.” The Team consists of the Soldier, their Family and their employer. Initiatives for “Building Strong Teams” have begun, the first of which is a new First Line Leaders training program. Developed by the state command sergeant major and command sergeants major from the brigade and battalion levels, the course will assist our noncommissioned officers’ efforts on building the Team from the squad level up through the company. Some of the curriculum includes communication techniques, leader book fundamentals and methods to build trust between our NCOs and junior enlisted. This First Line Leaders training will set the conditions for refocusing our effort on the Soldier. I am very proud of this CSM team’s determined focus to provide a deeply comprehensive product to the field.

Another initiative is the new Ohio Army National Guard mobile app. This mobile app (currently in development) will help ensure that our team strategy is easily communicated throughout the force. The mobile app will allow all echelons of command to communicate directly to their Soldiers through push notifications. It’s as easy as downloading the app, select your company, your battalion, your brigade and the Joint Force Headquarters and you’re set. The mobile app will also be a clearinghouse of dynamic information covering all aspects of the OHARNG enterprise from the Rucksack Essentials, to Family Readiness programs, reenlistment options and lead generation to aide our recruiting efforts. Unique to our app development is the accessibility by Families and employers, allowing the widest education possible of our organization while still maintaining security protocols. We will debut the app at the Army Leader Conference in October and publish after the new year. I am very excited about the potential of connecting our Soldiers, Families and employers through the use of this tool.

I am very proud of the efforts I see across all of our formations to ensure mission success. I see engagement, I see professionalism and I see dedication to the preservation of our way of life. Thank you for all you do. I look forward to our future.


Ohio National Guard photos


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Official photo of Col. Daniel Shank, Assistant Adjutant General for Army

Col. Daniel Shank, Assistant Adjutant General for Army

Col. Daniel J. Shank assumed duties as the assistant adjutant general for Army, Ohio Army National Guard Element, Joint Force Headquarters, on Feb. 6, 2019. As the assistant adjutant general for Army, he establishes policies, priorities and oversight for the readiness of approximately 11,500 Soldiers for overseas deployments and homeland defense missions. Col. Shank began his military career in 1987 when he enlisted in the Ohio Army National Guard’s 16th Engineer Brigade, subsequently receiving a commission in 1994 through Officer Candidate School. He has commanded at the detachment, company, battalion and brigade levels while serving in staff assignments at the battalion, brigade, state area command and joint force headquarters level. Previous assignments include: commander, 73rd Troop Command; construction and facility management officer (J7) at state headquarters; commander, OHARNG Recruiting and Retention Battalion; and chief, training branch, OHARNG.

Col. Daniel J. Shank