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spent shell inscribed with: This shell was fired January 14, 1935 during inaugural ceremonies of Gov. Martin L. Davey

75 mm shell fired by the Ohio National Guard Jan. 14, 1935, during the inauguration ceremony of Gov. Martin L. Davey.

Photo courtesy of Ohio Army National Guard Historical Collections/ Brig. Gen. Emil Marx Collection

Ohio National Guard History: Supporting the Governor’s Inaugural

COLUMBUS, Ohio (01/14/19) — The Ohio National Guard has a long history of supporting inaugural ceremonies for Ohio’s governors, helping to honor a new state chief executive or one who is re-elected for a second term. During peacetime, the governor serves as the commander in chief of the Ohio National Guard and has the authority to activate Guard Soldiers and Airmen during times of natural disaster, civil disorder or other declared emergency.

Mike DeWine took office at midnight Jan. 14, 2019, as Ohio’s 70th governor.

row of officers in black and whit e photo.
Photo courtesy of Ohio Army National Guard Historical Collections

Personnel military staff of Gov. Judson Harmon at his inauguration Jan. 11, 1909, in Columbus, Ohio. In addition to the adjutant general, assistant adjutant general and assistant quartermaster general, the governor was authorized to appoint a staff detail of aides-de-camp, which included these 13 officers.

Guard members on stairs as seen from crowd.
Photos courtesy of Ohio Army National Guard Historical Collections

Guard members on stairs from left of stairs.

Full-time personnel of the Ohio National Guard on the steps of the Ohio Statehouse for the inauguration ceremonies of Gov. William O’Neill, Ohio’s 59th governor, Jan. 14, 1957, in Columbus, Ohio.

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