Ohio National Guard Story Archives 2019

Ohio National Guard Stories in 2019

05.23.2019   Celebrating Asian-American/Pacific Islander Heritage Month: Chaplain born to troubled home utilizes his personal adversity to help strengthen Military Families

05.20.2019   Making a difference by serving her Military Family

05.16.2019   AGAINST THE ODDS: Airman battling rare cancer found in less than 25 people worldwide

04.30.2019   Counterdrug Task Force supports drug-free Ohio teens during annual We Are The Majority Rally

04.22.2019   Ohio National Guard team to defend critical infrastructure

04.22.2019   180th Fighter Wing flies south for training

04.12.2019   Serbian chaplains visit Ohio to strengthen military, civil relationships

04.09.2019   100 years ago: Ohio Soldiers return from World War I

04.03.2019   Survivors and Guard members remember deadly Xenia tornado on 45th anniversary

03.28.2019   Celebrating Women's History Month: Citizen-Soldier routinely steps out of comfort zone to grow

03.12.2019   Hill of Heroes: Marking the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Hill 700

03.05.2019   Ohio Army National Guard recruiting earns national award again

03.03.2019   Hungarian Defence Forces members compete in Ohio Best Warrior Competition State Best Warrior Competition

03.03.2019   Ohio Army National Guard's top Soldier, NCO named during State Best Warrior Competition

02.08.2019   Ohio National Guard aviation support company deploying overseas

02.08.2019   High school teacher begins National Guard career at 35

02.06.2019   251st CEIG earns Gen. McClelland Award

02.28.2019   Ohio Medal of Honor recipient: From slavery to freedom

01.28.2019   Ohio-Serbia State Partnership: Successful military pairing leads to developing social, economic dialogue

01.28.2019   On this day in Ohio National Guard history: Gen. Pershing visits 37th Division

01.22.2019   Living the Airman's Creed: Citizen-Airman serves community, state and nation in variety of roles

01.17.2019   Ohio National Guard Counterdrug Task Force receives Community Champion Award

01.16.2019   To Protect and Serve: Soldier uses military training to enhance civilian career pursuits

01.14.2019   Ohio National Guard History: Supporting the Governor's Inaugural

01.09.2019   Assistant adjutant general for Air's career honored at promotion ceremony

01.09.2019   Buckeyes training Buckeyes: Ohio's PTAE helps Soldiers prepare for deployment

01.08.2019   Ohio air defenders rule the skies during Operation Combined Resolve XI

01.03.2019   2 Guard members prepare for new service overseas