179th Airlift Wing

179th Airlift Wing

C-130 aircraft

The unit fulfills an airlift mission by transporting personnel and cargo throughout the United States and the world. In addition, the 179th Airlift Wing participates in disaster relief efforts and other domestic emergencies as required. It is ready to deploy to overseas bases when directed by higher headquarters.



09.15.2019   Silver Arrow in BiH - a display of partnership, newly acquired capabilities

08.28.2019   Airman Helps Fight War on Drugs

08.20.2019   Airman helps combat opioid epidemic (story)

06.20.2019   Cleveland Drug Enforcement Administration: Air National Guard Highlight (video)

03.10.2019   Master Sergeant Lyndsy Bringman: Airman Supports Wingmen Through Victim Advocacy

03.10.2019   Staff Sgt. Jan Almasy: Airman Serves His Wingmen Through Victim Advocacy

03.10.2019   Staff Sgt. Heather Stoffer: Airman Serves as Victim Advocate

03.07.2019   179th Airlift Wing members return from deployment

02.18.2019   Chandlers: Her first, his last: father and daughter deploy together

02.10.2019   Tech. Sgt. Sarah Lewis: 179th Airlift Wing Member Provides Care Near and Far

02.10.2019   Capt. Rachael Wheeler: Medical caregivers support troop readiness

02.09.2019 Maj. Devin Conway: Airman, Mother, Nurse

01.22.2019   Staff Sgt. Patrick Williams: Living the Airman's Creed: Citizen-Airman serves community, state and nation in variety of roles

01.19.2019   Senior Airman Dionna Sims: AA/BHM reminder of past, present, future for 179th AW Airman

01.13.2019   Senior Airman Tyrell Shaw: Airman uses positive attitude to help overcome adversity

01.13.2019   Sgt. Joseph Langston: Airman Uses The Air Force to Better Himself Both in and out of Uniform

12.30.2018   Lt. Col. (Dr.) Peter Lee: Airman Balances Many Roles


2019 ~ Mansfield Senior High Schoo
Herc Challenge

Football team runs across field with Air Guard Members.
Football team runs across field with Air Guard Members.