If you cannot find what you are looking for on this page, you may email us at: ng.oh.oharng.mbx.pao@army.mil for assistance. Please fully explain your need and allow 5-7 business days for a response to allow time to route your request to the appropriate office.



Visit website   Environmental Office

Visit website   Environmental Assessment for approval of the UFC 2-100-01 Compliant Real Property Master Plan for the Camp Perry Joint Training Center

       Branch Chief
email   Steven.M.Vicario.mil@army.mil
phone   614-336-7095

       Headquarters Supervisor
email   Thomas.D.Daugherty.nfg@army.mil
phone   614-336-7395

       Training Site Supervisor
email   Timothy.M.Morgan.nfg@army.mil
phone   614-336-6568

       Energy Manager
email   Steve.D.Swanson.nfg@army.mil
phone   614-336-7411

Visit website   FRG HOME
Visit website   Deployment
Visit website   Toolkit
Visit website   Seminars & Retreats
Visit website   Veteran Benefits
Visit website   Employment Support Resources
Visit website   Youth Programs

email   Download Resource Contact Roster
phone   Director: 614-336-7352
phone   Lead SFRS Regional: 614-940-7409
phone   Support System Coordinator: 614-336-4241
phone   Lead OSS SFRS: 614-336-7031

email   Joshua.G.Farrier.nfg@army.mil
phone   614-336-7255

email   Rebecca.S.Allen19.nfg@army.mil
phone   614-336-7080

email   Ohio National Guard
phone   888-766-3812

Visit website   National Guard Bureau
phone   703-607-2539
Visit website   Department of Defense
phone   800-424-9098
Visit website   Department of the Army
phone   800-752-9747
Visit website   Department of the Air
phone   800-538-8429

email   Janet.L.Blain.mil@army.mil
phone   614-336-7022

Visit website   VIOS (Visual Information Ordering Site)

Leadership/Command Portraits Only
email   Joshua.D.Mann.mil@army.mil
phone   614-336-7311

email   ng.oh.oharng.mbx.pao@army.mil
phone   614-336-4499

email   Safety Officer
phone   614-336-7443

email   Safety Specialist
phone   614-336-7483

phone   614-336-7288

email   Kevin.J.Brinckerhoff.nfg@army.mil
phone   614-336-7013

email   Thomas.P.Caldwell3.mil@army.mil
phone   614-336-7201


Visit website   Armed Forces Exchange
phone    614-491-8424

email  Joshua.R.Bochkor.civ@army.mil
phone   614-336-7192

Visit website   Joint Military Training Cntr
phone   Range Control: 614-336-6041

Visit website   ID Card Office Online
phone   614-336-7087

Visit website   ESGR
email   Eboni.M.Williams4.ctr@army.mil
phone   614-336-7378 or 614-336-7444

email   Gregory.T.Ashdown.mil@army.mil
phone   614-336-7281

email   Derek.L.Dunnigan.mil@army.mil
phone   614-336-7271

Visit website   Military OneSource
phone    800-342-9647

Visit website   Employment Support Resources

Central Contact Program Manager
email   BMoeller@InteractiveGov.com
phone   937-638-9378 or 380-206-7559

Area 1 (Northwest)
email   Brian Porter
phone   380-206-7558

Area 2 (Southwest)
email   MPershing@Interactivegov.com
phone   380-206-7557

Area 3 (Southeast)
email   NRenfrow@Interactivegov.com
phone   380-206-5776

Area 4 (Northwest)
email   CHagan@Interactivegov.com
phone   380-206-7565

email   pfc.cincinnati.usar@zeiders.com
phone   513-431-1300

email   pfc.oh.ng@zeiders.com
phone   614-600-8355

North Canton
email   pfc5.oh.ng@zeiders.com
phone   740-447-3727

email   pfc2.oh.ng@zeiders.com
phone   937-917-6778

Toledo/Bowling Green
email   pfc6.oh.ng@zeiders.com
phone   419-277-6721

email   pfc3.oh.ng@zeiders.com
phone   330-201-9834

SUPPORT LINE: 877-995-5247

Visit website   Ohio Alliance to End Sexual Violence
phone    Ohio County Rape Crisis Centers

Visit website   U.S. Dept. of Vet Affairs
phone    Ohio VA Medical Facilities

Visit website   SAPR HOME
email   ongsapro@gmail.com
phone    Non-Emergency: 877-751-5628

       STATE SARC: Ms. Karisa Myers
phone    614-296-5401 or 614-975-9230

       STATE VAC: Mr. Kyle Davidson
phone    614-981-5246 or 614-678-0428

phone    216-527-4851

       STATE VA: MSG Aaron Foy
phone    614-202-5373 or 614-947-2596

       STATE SUPPORT: 1LT Tonisia Jackson
phone    347-893-7286


       121ST ARW:
phone    Hotline 614-702-1546

       178TH WG: Ms. Gelhar
phone    937-504-3419 or 937-206-3609

       179TH AW: Ms. English
phone    419-566-2593 or 419-520-6171

       180TH FW: Ms. Hammon
phone    419-868-4510 or 419-604-2434

National Suicide Prevention Hotline
800-273-TALK (8255) press 1
(Text 838255)

National Domestic Violence Hotline
800-799-SAFE (7233)

Vets for Warriors

Visit website   OHIOcares.Ohio.gov
email   Gloria.I.Stewart.ctr@army.mil

email   Brittnay.S.McCall.ctr@army.mil
phone   614-336-6000 X 7375

Visit website   TRICARE: Humana Military
phone   800-444-5445

Visit website   HOMEFRONT.Ohio.gov
document   Download TFAC Resource List

Soldier and Family Readiness Specialist
phone   614-949-6962
Employment Services
phone   380-206-7558
Personal Financial Counselor
phone   North Canton: 740-447-3727
phone   Wooster: 330-201-9834
Operation Solid Start
phone   CO D, Brook Park: 614-336-7169
phone   CO E, North Canton: 614-949-6962
phone   CO F, Newton Falls: 614-551-6693
phone   CO K, Coshocton: 614-257-7936

Soldier and Family Readiness Specialist
phone   614-949-8300
Employment Services
phone   380-206-7557
Personal Financial Counselor
phone   Columbus: 614-600-8355
Operation Solid Start
phone   CO A, Columbus: 614-929-4695

Soldier and Family Readiness Specialist
phone   614-929-8125
Employment Services
phone   380-206-7556
Personal Financial Counselor
phone   Cincinnati: 513-431-1300
phone   Springfield: 937-917-6778
Operation Solid Start
phone   CO B, Hamilton: 614-949-3201
phone   CO C, Chillicothe: 614-639-0336

Soldier and Family Readiness Specialist
phone   614-949-4136
Employment Services
phone   380-206-7565
Personal Financial Counselor
phone   Toledo/Bowling Green: 419-277-6721
Operation Solid Start
phone   CO H, Marysville: 614-949-0271
phone   CO I,Toledo: 614-929-8421

Visit website   Pre-Deployment Resources
phone   614-336-7471


Visit website   Human Resources Office

Visit website   ALL Job Postings
email   Pamela Tabler
phone   614-336-7051

Visit website   AGR Soldiers & Airmen
email   AGR mailbox
email   Elizabeth Dunlap
phone   614-336-4229

Visit website   Federal Technicians
email   Supervisor: Maj. Daryl Scott
phone   614-336-7121 DSN:346-7121

email   Lucas.B.Abed.mil@army.mil
phone   614-336-7068

Visit website   Education & Incentives
phone   Education: 614-336-7023
phone   Incentives: 614-336-4999

Visit website   ONG Scholarship Program
Visit website   ONGSP.Ohio.gov
email  Scholarship Mailbox
email  Lonny Kirby, Director
phone   614-336-7143

Visit website   Federal Tuition Assistance
email   FTA Mailbox
phone   614-336-4905

Visit website   GI Bill Program and Benefits
email   GI Bill Mailbox
phone   614-336-7293

Student Loans and Bonuses
email   Kevin Sprague
phone   614-336-7283

Visit website   Commissioned Officer/
       Warrant Officer Program

Download file   Information Guide
email   Interstate Transfer (IST) and Inter-
       Service Recruit (ISR) Program Ques

phone   614-376-5200

Officer Strength Manager
MAJ Adam Elliott
phone    Office: 614-376-5014   
phone    Cell: 614-563-7659

Basic Branch Recruiters
CPT Brandon Wells
phone    Office: 614-376-5048   
phone    Cell: 614-561-7799
1LT Jon Widby
phone    Office: 614-376-5109
SGT Christina Moore
phone    Office: 614-376-5189

Specialty Branch Managers
CPT Destiny Pathammavong
phone    Office: 614-376-5016   
phone    Cell: 614-802-7382
Miss Valerie Jones
phone    Office: 614-376-5019
phone    Cell: 614-623-2750

Warrant Officers
CW2 Autumn Peters
phone    Office: 614-376-5277
phone    Cell: 614-639-0359
CW4 Stephen Ahrens
phone    Office: 614-376-4557
phone    Cell: 614-257-9374

Enlisted: Recruiting Operations
email   Nicklaus.P.Bendure.mil@army.mil
phone   614-376-5088
email   Katherine.N.Schneider2.mil@army.mil
phone   614-376-5031

Officer: Officer Strength
email   Adam.C.Elliott14.mil@army.mil
phone   614-376-5014

email   Kary.M.Dover.nfg@army.mil
phone   614-336-7038

phone   877-940-0708

phone   Supervisor: 614-336-7459
Officer: 614-336-7042

Visit website   OHIOcares.Ohio.gov

National Suicide Prevention Hotline
800-273-TALK (8255) press 1
(Text 838255)

National Domestic Violence Hotline
800-799-SAFE (7233)

Vets for Warriors

Psychological Health Director
email   David.I.Kirker.mil@army.mil
phone   614-336-6000 x7393

Psychological Health Coordinators
phone   800-761-0868

16th Engineer Brigade
email   Madelyn.M.Scarberry.ctr@army.mil
phone   614-336-6000 x6899 | 614-357-5107

37th Infantry Brigade Combat Team
email   Feciuch.K.King.ctr@army.mil
phone   614-336-6000 x5996 | 614-307-1810

73rd Troop Command
email   Colin.B.Fowler.ctr@army.mil
phone   614-336-6000 x4291 | 614-572-8783

174th Air Defense Artillery Brigade
email   Monica.M.Szonn-Lillard.ctr@army.mil
phone   614-336-6000 x4292 | 614.639.0337

371st Sustainment Brigade
email   Madelyn.M.Scarberry.ctr@army.mil
phone   614-336-6000 x6899 | 614-357-5107

Special Troops Command (Provisional)
email   Monica.M.Szonn-Lillard.ctr@army.mil
phone   614-336-6000 x4292 | 614.639.0337

email   Joshua.R.Bochkor.civ@army.mil
phone   614-336-7192

phone   877-687-7660

email   Anthony.L.Kline2.mil@army.mil
phone   614-336-7277

email  Daniel.R.Burris.mil@army.mil
phone   614-336-7377 or 614-336-4142


Visit website   ONG Scholarship Program
Visit website   ONGSP.Ohio.gov
email  Scholarship Mailbox
email  Lonny Kirby, Director
phone   614-336-7143

121st Air Refueling Wing
email   Jonathan.Walker.6@us.af.mil
phone   614-492-3563

email   Federal TA
phone   614-696-3704

178th Wing
email   GI Bill
phone   937-327-2399

email   Federal TA
phone   937-327-2179

179th Airlift Wing
email   GI Bill
phone   419-520-6207

email   Federal TA
phone   419-520-6168

180th Fighter Wing
email   GI Bill
phone   419-868-4070

email   Federal TA
phone   419-868-4182

Visit website   OHIOcares.Ohio.gov

National Suicide Prevention Hotline
800-273-TALK (8255) press 1
(Text 838255)

National Domestic Violence Hotline
800-799-SAFE (7233)

Vets for Warriors

121st Air Refueling Wing
email   Cassi.Dye@us.af.mil
phone   614-492-3568
DSN: 696-3568 | Cell: 614-638-2791

178th Air Wing
email   Amy.Hernandez.1@us.af.mil
phone   937-525-2057
DSN: 346-2057 | Cell: 937-605-5081

179th Air Wing
email   Vivian.Winters.1@us.af.mil
phone   419-520-6700
DSN: 696-6700 | Cell: 419-571-1451

180th Fighter Wing
email   Alina.D.Fuller.1@us.af.mil
phone   419-868-4333
DSN: 580-4333 | Cell: 419-215-2111

Visit website   Air National Guard: Ohio

Recruiting & Retention Superintendent
email   michael.schaefer.2@us.af.mil
phone   614-336-7357

Blue Ash
email   teresa.schmidt@us.af.mil
phone   513-936-2982

email   todd.parkison.1@us.af.mil
phone   614-492-3127

email   nicholas.alexander.3@us.af.mil
phone   419-520-6306

Port Clinton
email   matthew.gainer.1@us.af.mil
phone   419-635-2777

email   lori.mittelstadt.1@us.af.mil
phone   937-327-2290

email   bradley.haas@us.af.mil
phone   419-868-4268

email   andrea.white.6@us.af.mil
phone   740-492-3795


Please submit any updates to  ng.oh.oharng.mbx.pao@army.mil
Update requests are accepted at any time but will be made at the beginning of each month.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to minimize frequent changes to points of contact, it is strongly recommended that you provide general office phone number(s) and email addresses (group/unit/office inbox or distribution list) instead of those for individual employees, which change over time.