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Visit website   Environmental Office

Visit website   Environmental Assessment for approval of the UFC 2-100-01 Compliant Real Property Master Plan for the Camp Perry Joint Training Center

       Branch Chief
email   Steven.M.Vicario.mil@army.mil
phone   614-336-7095

       Headquarters Supervisor
email   Thomas.D.Daugherty.nfg@army.mil
phone   614-336-7395

       Training Site Supervisor
email   Timothy.M.Morgan.nfg@army.mil
phone   614-336-6568

       Energy Manager
email   Steve.D.Swanson.nfg@army.mil
phone   614-336-7411

Visit website   FRG HOME
Visit website   Deployment
Visit website   Toolkit
Visit website   Seminars & Retreats
Visit website   Veteran Benefits
Visit website   Employment Support Resources
Visit website   Youth Programs

email   Download Resource Contact Roster
phone   Director: 614-336-7352
phone   Lead SFRS Regional: 614-940-7409
phone   Support System Coordinator: 614-336-4241
phone   Lead OSS SFRS: 614-336-7031

email   Joshua.G.Farrier.nfg@army.mil
phone   614-336-7255

email   Rebecca.S.Allen19.nfg@army.mil
phone   614-336-7080

Visit website   ONG Inspector-General
email   Ohio National Guard
phone   614-336-7030 OR 888-766-3812

Visit website   National Guard Bureau
phone   703-607-2539
Visit website   Department of Defense
phone   800-424-9098
Visit website   Department of the Army
phone   800-752-9747
Visit website   Department of the Air
phone   800-538-8429

email   Janet.L.Blain.mil@army.mil
phone   614-336-7022

Undergraduate Degrees & Credentials, Licensure and Certification (CLC) Programs
Visit website   ONGSP.Ohio.gov

Visit website   Education Programs & Services
email   ONGSP General Questions
email   Undergraduate Degrees ONG Scholarship Program
email   Credentials, Licensure and Certification (CLC)
phone   614-440-5379

Visit website   VIOS (Visual Information Ordering Site)

Leadership/Command Portraits Only
email   Joshua.D.Mann.mil@army.mil
phone   614-336-7311

email   ng.oh.oharng.mbx.pao@army.mil
phone   614-336-4499

email   Safety Officer
phone   614-336-7443

email   Safety Specialist
phone   614-336-7483

phone   614-336-7288

email   Kevin.J.Brinckerhoff.nfg@army.mil
phone   614-336-7013

email   Thomas.P.Caldwell3.mil@army.mil
phone   614-336-7201


Visit website   Armed Forces Exchange
phone    614-491-8424

email  Joshua.R.Bochkor.civ@army.mil
phone   614-336-7192

Visit website   Joint Military Training Cntr
phone   Range Control: 614-336-6041

Visit website   ID Card Office Online
phone   614-336-7087

Visit website   ESGR
email   Eboni.M.Williams4.ctr@army.mil
phone   614-336-7378 or 614-336-7444

email   Gregory.T.Ashdown.mil@army.mil
phone   614-336-7281

email   Derek.L.Dunnigan.mil@army.mil
phone   614-336-7271

Visit website   Military OneSource
phone    800-342-9647

Visit website   Employment Support Resources

Central Contact Program Manager
email   BMoeller@InteractiveGov.com
phone   937-638-9378 or 380-206-7559

Area 1 (Northwest)
email   BPorter@Interactivegov.com
phone   380-206-7558

Area 2 (Southwest)
email   MPershing@Interactivegov.com
phone   380-206-7557

Area 3 (Southeast)
email   NRenfrow@Interactivegov.com
phone   380-206-5776

Area 4 (Northwest)
email   CHagan@Interactivegov.com
phone   380-206-7565

Visit website   It Pays to Know Your Personal Financial Counselor

email   pfc5.oh.ng@zeiders.com
phone   740-447-3727

email   pfc.cincinnati.usar@zeiders.com
phone   513-431-1300
email   pfc2.oh.nosc@zeiders.com
phone   513-214-9969

email   pfc.oh.ng@zeiders.com
phone   614-600-8355
email   pfc1.oh.nosc@zeiders.com
phone   614-296-6701

email   pfc.wpoh.usaf@zeiders.com
phone   937-917-6778

email   pfc2.oh.ng@zeiders.com
phone   937-917-6778

Toledo/Bowling Green
email   pfc6.oh.ng@zeiders.com
phone   419-277-6721

email   pfc3.oh.ng@zeiders.com
phone   330-620-2042

email   pfc.youngstown.usafr@zeiders.com
phone   440-222-5646

SUPPORT LINE: 877-995-5247

phone    Ohio County Rape Crisis Centers

Visit website   U.S. Dept. of Vet Affairs
phone    Ohio VA Medical Facilities

Visit website   SAPR HOME
email   ongsapro@gmail.com
phone    Non-Emergency: 877-751-5628

       STATE SARC: Ms. Karisa Myers
phone    614-296-5401 or 614-975-9230

       STATE VAC: Mr. Kyle Davidson
phone    614-981-5246 or 614-678-0428

phone    216-527-4851

       STATE VA: MSG Aaron Foy
phone    614-202-5373 or 614-947-2596

       STATE SUPPORT: 1LT Tonisia Jackson
phone    347-893-7286


       121ST ARW:
phone    Hotline 614-702-1546

       178TH WG: Ms. Gelhar
phone    937-504-3419 or 937-206-3609

       179TH AW: Ms. English
phone    419-566-2593 or 419-520-6171

       180TH FW: Ms. Hammon
phone    419-868-4510 or 419-604-2434

National Suicide Prevention Hotline
800-273-TALK (8255) press 1
(Text 838255)

National Domestic Violence Hotline
800-799-SAFE (7233)

Vets for Warriors

Visit website   OHIOcares.Ohio.gov
email   Gloria.I.Stewart.ctr@army.mil

email   Brittnay.S.McCall.ctr@army.mil
phone   614-336-6000 X 7375

Visit website   Transition Assistance
email   Michael.J.Magnusson.civ@army.mil
phone   614-336-4192
Reserve Component Transition Assistance Advisor
email   CSintobin@gapsi.com
phone   202-987-3919

Visit website   TRICARE: Humana Military
phone   800-444-5445

Visit website   HOMEFRONT.Ohio.gov
document   Download TFAC Resource List

Soldier and Family Readiness Specialist
phone   614-949-6962
Employment Services
phone   380-206-7558
Operation Solid Start
phone   CO D, Brook Park: 614-336-7169
phone   CO E, North Canton: 614-949-6962
phone   CO F, Newton Falls: 614-551-6693
phone   CO K, Coshocton: 614-257-7936

Soldier and Family Readiness Specialist
phone   614-949-8300
Employment Services
phone   380-206-7557
Operation Solid Start
phone   CO A, Columbus: 614-929-4695

Soldier and Family Readiness Specialist
phone   614-929-8125
Employment Services
phone   380-206-7556
Operation Solid Start
phone   CO B, Hamilton: 614-949-3201
phone   CO C, Chillicothe: 614-639-0336

Soldier and Family Readiness Specialist
phone   614-949-4136
Employment Services
phone   380-206-7565
Operation Solid Start
phone   CO H, Marysville: 614-949-0271
phone   CO I,Toledo: 614-929-8421

Visit website   Pre-Deployment Resources
phone   614-336-7471


Visit website   Human Resources Office

Visit website   ALL Job Postings
email   Pamela Tabler
phone   614-336-7051

Visit website   AGR Soldiers & Airmen
email   AGR mailbox
email   Elizabeth Dunlap
phone   614-336-4229

Visit website   Federal Technicians
email   Supervisor: Maj. Daryl Scott
phone   614-336-7121 DSN:346-7121

email   Lucas.B.Abed.mil@army.mil
phone   614-336-7068

GI Bill, Federal Tuition & Credentialing Assistance, Testing, Transcripts
Visit website   Education Programs & Services
email  GI Bill
email  Federal Tuition & Credentialing Assistance
email  Testing
email  Transcripts

ONG Scholarship Program
Undergraduate Degrees & Credentials, Licensure and Certification (CLC) Programs
Visit website   ONGSP.Ohio.gov

email   ONGSP General Questions
email   Undergraduate Degrees
email   Credentials, Licensure and Certification (CLC)
phone   614-440-5379

Visit website   Commissioned Officer/
       Warrant Officer Program

Download file   Information Guidea
email   Interstate Transfer (IST) and Inter-
       Service Recruit (ISR) Program Ques

phone   614-376-5200

Officer Strength Manager
MAJ Adam Elliott
phone    Office: 614-376-5014   
phone    Cell: 614-563-7659

Basic Branch Recruiters
CPT Brandon Wells
phone    Office: 614-376-5048   
phone    Cell: 614-561-7799
1LT Jon Widby
phone    Office: 614-376-5109
SGT Christina Moore
phone    Office: 614-376-5189

Specialty Branch Managers
CPT Destiny Pathammavong
phone    Office: 614-376-5016   
phone    Cell: 614-802-7382
Miss Valerie Jones
phone    Office: 614-376-5019
phone    Cell: 614-623-2750

Warrant Officers
CW2 Autumn Peters
phone    Office: 614-376-5277
phone    Cell: 614-639-0359
CW4 Stephen Ahrens
phone    Office: 614-376-4557
phone    Cell: 614-257-9374

Enlisted: Recruiting Operations
email   Kelsie.M.Andrews2.mil@army.mil
phone   216-296-8644
email   Nicklaus.P.Bendure.mil@army.mil
phone   614-376-5088

Officer: Officer Strength
email   Neil.T.Garrison.mil@army.mil
phone   614-376-5048

email   Kary.M.Dover.nfg@army.mil
phone   614-336-7038

phone   877-940-0708

phone   Supervisor: 614-336-7459
Officer: 614-336-7042

Visit website   OHIOcares.Ohio.gov

National Suicide Prevention Hotline
800-273-TALK (8255) press 1
(Text 838255)

National Domestic Violence Hotline
800-799-SAFE (7233)

Vets for Warriors

Psychological Health Director
email   David.I.Kirker.mil@army.mil
phone   614-336-6000 x7393

Psychological Health Coordinators
phone   800-761-0868

16th Engineer Brigade
email   Madelyn.M.Scarberry.ctr@army.mil
phone   614-336-6000 x6899 | 614-357-5107

37th Infantry Brigade Combat Team
email   Feciuch.K.King.ctr@army.mil
phone   614-336-6000 x5996 | 614-307-1810

73rd Troop Command
email   Colin.B.Fowler.ctr@army.mil
phone   614-336-6000 x4291 | 614-572-8783

174th Air Defense Artillery Brigade
email   Karey.A.Thompson.ctr@army.mil
phone   614-336-6000

371st Sustainment Brigade
email   Karey.A.Thompson.ctr@army.mil
phone   614-336-6000

Special Troops Command (Provisional)
email   Madelyn.M.Scarberry.ctr@army.mil
phone   614-336-6000 x6899 | 614-357-5107

email   Joshua.R.Bochkor.civ@army.mil
phone   614-336-7192

phone   877-687-7660

Visit website   Retirement Services

email   Glenn.E.Spencer2.mil@army.mil
phone   614-336-7252 or 614-572-9184 (cell)

email   Anthony.L.Kline2.mil@army.mil
phone   614-336-7277

email  Daniel.R.Burris.mil@army.mil
phone   614-336-7377 or 614-336-4142


Visit website   ONG Scholarship Program
Visit website   ONGSP.Ohio.gov
email  Scholarship Mailbox
email  Lonny Kirby, Director
phone   614-336-7143

121st Air Refueling Wing
email   Jonathan.Walker.6@us.af.mil
phone   614-492-3563

email   Federal TA
phone   614-696-3704

178th Wing
email   GI Bill
phone   937-327-2399

email   Federal TA
phone   937-327-2179

179th Airlift Wing
email   GI Bill
phone   419-520-6207

email   Federal TA
phone   419-520-6168

180th Fighter Wing
email   GI Bill
phone   419-868-4070

email   Federal TA
phone   419-868-4182

Visit website   OHIOcares.Ohio.gov

National Suicide Prevention Hotline
800-273-TALK (8255) press 1
(Text 838255)

National Domestic Violence Hotline
800-799-SAFE (7233)

Vets for Warriors

121st Air Refueling Wing
email   Cassi.Dye@us.af.mil
phone   614-492-3568
DSN: 696-3568 | Cell: 614-638-2791

178th Air Wing
email   Amy.Hernandez.1@us.af.mil
phone   937-525-2057
DSN: 346-2057 | Cell: 937-605-5081

179th Air Wing
email   Vivian.Winters.1@us.af.mil
phone   419-520-6700
DSN: 696-6700 | Cell: 419-571-1451

180th Fighter Wing
email   Alina.D.Fuller.1@us.af.mil
phone   419-868-4333
DSN: 580-4333 | Cell: 419-215-2111

Visit website   Air National Guard: Ohio

Recruiting & Retention Superintendent
email   michael.schaefer.2@us.af.mil
phone   614-336-7357

Blue Ash
email   teresa.schmidt@us.af.mil
phone   513-936-2982

email   todd.parkison.1@us.af.mil
phone   614-492-3127

email   Efrem.Swoope.1@us.af.mil
phone   419-520-6306

Port Clinton
email   matthew.gainer.1@us.af.mil
phone   419-635-2777

phone   937-327-2290

email   Lee.Davis.15@us.af.mil
phone   419-868-4268

email   andrea.white.6@us.af.mil
phone   740-492-3795


Please submit any updates to  ng.oh.oharng.mbx.pao@army.mil
Update requests are accepted at any time but will be made at the beginning of each month.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to minimize frequent changes to points of contact, it is strongly recommended that you provide general office phone number(s) and email addresses (group/unit/office inbox or distribution list) instead of those for individual employees, which change over time.